Six Things You Should Never Do at the NYSC Orientation Camp- Ajuwaya series

Starting this series is the true story of Corper David and his misadventure in Asaya Camp.

While preparing for NYSC camp, my sisters fed me with a lot of stories. “David, you have to be careful they steal everything in that camp including socks and jungle boots”.  I was alarmed.  After buying everything I needed. I decided to buy a padlock to secure not just my box but my waist bag as well.



Getting to camp

I decked up in my white and white unto otondo levels. I wore my waist bag with the golden colour padlock on it. With the lock on my waist, I held onto the bag with one hand just in case.” You know you can’t trust all these people”.

But later on, I discovered this was too much. How can everybody be looking at my waist bag while beckoning on their friends and trying their best not to laugh?

Waris going on

I decided to pay close attention. I then discovered they were not trying to steal from me, but they were trying not to die of laughter. As I walked passed some group of boys and girls, one of them shouted out after much laughter; “O boy you dey mad? “How much dey your bag? “Na 5 million you carry to camp? The crowd roared with laughter/mockery.

Chai! In the whole of ASAYA camp, I was the only one wearing a PADLOCK.  I thought to remove it, but it was too late. Removing it after the mockery would be more humiliating, so I chose to leave it there.

I rocked it throughout my camp days. It sure made me famous.


From the hilarious adventures of David,  I have compiled some guides to help prospective corp members

Guides to help at the NYSC orientation camp

1. Do not be left behind

There are lots of exciting activities, competitions, and groups a lot of youth corp members would want to be a part of, but by the time they indicate their interest, it is already too late. From the first day of registration, get the necessary information about the different groups and activities in camp and how to participate.

2. Do not disobey rules and regulations

Obeying rules, doing the right thing, take nothing from you. It helps you in the long run, there are several opportunities in camp and being in the field bad books can negatively affect your service year. I remember in camp my platoon leader called a meeting for members of the platoon a lot of members did not show up. It was in that meeting platoon leaders were elected. Needless to say that those that didn’t attend the meeting missed out.

3. Do not be Disrespectful

NYSC orientation camp can be stressful, soldiers. Man O war officers, lead corp members through camp drills and physical exercises these might be tasking at times, marching under the sun, chasing you out of bed in the morning to take part in the morning devotion, can be annoying. Still, no matter how tired or nonchalant you may feel about these exercises, indiscipline and rude behaviour is a no.

4. Do not miss out on the right friendships

Camp friendships go a long way even after the service year. The right friends could help you with the correct information. This information could help secure a job after camp, guide you on professional courses and certification needed. Help you secure accommodation in your new service state and a whole lot more.

5. Do not finish all your money at the camp market

Mammy market is the camp market available in all orientation camps across the country. There you are bound to find almost everything you are looking for, ranging from clothing to food. You can even find beauty parlours there. The first NYSC allowance, also known as alawee, is mostly paid in camp and the temptation to spend it all up in camp is high, so resist that temptation. Remember, there is life after camp.

6. Do not be careless with your property

Be careful with your belongings and do not leave your valuables lying around. Be alert and vigilant. The orientation camp is full of people from various backgrounds. As such, you should ensure you take the necessary precautions to prevent theft—also, report cases of theft to the right authorities.

7. Have fun

Having fun is very important as you only go camping once, so ensure you have a good time. Make friends, participate in camp activities, make fun memories and take lots and lots of pictures. Looking back, you would be glad you did.


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  1. Amazing piece of advice. You made something that’s really boring (instructions) into something interesting. If my parents gave me instructions like this, i should have been a good boy. But now……. Anyways we will be good las las

          1. Nice post. Well presented and thought out write up.

            I remember a guy in camp that time when they paid us double allawee, some received it a day before we left camp… Guy went to Maami and squander his life… 😃…

            Thanks Isioma for this post… PCM’s and Otondos should come here and learn o.. Lol

  2. I used a red padlock for my waistbag lmao and noticed people were staring at me so I removed it after the few days 😂😂.Nice write up btw,made me remember my camp days lol

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