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7 Days Relationship Challenge for couples

Do you feel like your relationship needs an adventure? Tired of the same old routines and want something extra to set sparks flying and toes curling? Then a 7 days relationship challenge is a good place to start before opting for a 30 Days relationship challenge. When you have been together for a while, it is easy for intimacy to dwindle. Notwithstanding, intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship. A physical intimacy challenge is a great way to get back in action.

Say goodbye to platonic nights and yes to adventure.

Follow these steps daily and enhance intimacy with your partner.

The seven days relationship challenge.

Day 1.

A Trip to Nostalgia.

7 days intimacy challenge Day 2


Go down memory lane and relive the excitement of when you just began. Research has shown that nostalgia can rekindle dying relationships.

Play songs from when you first met that hold a lot of memories. It could be the song played on your first date, the song you walked down the aisle to, the song you both listened to a lot in the past. These songs have a way of bringing back memories that strengthen the bond you both share.

The tie between music and emotions cannot be ignored.


Call each other pet names from when you first fell in love.

Relationship Challenge Day 2.

Unveil the poet in you.

7 days intimacy challenge Day 2

Write a love note. You do not need to be a world-renowned poet to write poetry for the one you love. Poetry is not just for wild-eyed teenagers. Get out a note and write an ode to your lover. Express your feelings and assure them of your undying love.

Are you having a hard time writing? Try not to think of it like an academic paper that would be graded but rather your honest thoughts about your partner. Think about what attracted you to them. What you love about them; the color of their eyes, the shape of their lips, the rhythm of their breath as they rest against your shoulders. Visualize these things you love in your head and express them on paper.

After writing, slip the note somewhere that they can find it.

Relationship Challenge Day 3.

Play masseuse

7 days intimacy challenge Day 3

Go online and research massage tips if you do not know how to. Follow the guidelines and massage your partner. Set the mood with the appropriate music and lighting.
You don’t have to be perfect at giving a massage before you dive into it.

Stick to simple safe routines. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Relationship Challenge Day 4.

Bring out the chef in you.

7 days intimacy challenge Day 4

Cook for your partner, preparingย  Their favorite meal is a sweet way to show affection. Everybody loves good food. There are lots of videos on YouTube and food blogs with step-by-step meal preparation guides.
( If you still do not want to cook or hate the kitchen, order the meal and surprise your partner. A growing number of food startups provide home-cooked meal services.)

Day 5.

Gift your way through

7 days intimacy challenge Day 5


It’s rare to find someone who hates receiving gifts. Gifts show that you care about your partner, and you see them as worthy of your money. The remarkable thing about a gift is the gift reminds them of you, even in your absence. The laptop I am currently using is a gift by a special someone and seeing the computer rekindles the feeling of love and appreciation. Hence, gifts are a great way to spoil your lover.
Also, you do not need to break the bank to give perfect gifts. You can do so on a budget. The best gifts are mostly the most thoughtful gifts. Looking for gift ideas check out these awesome gifts your partner would absolutely love.

Relationship Challenge Day 6.

Gist about the past

7 days intimacy challenge Day 6

Sit down with your partner and talk about a happy memory from when you two first met. It could be a funny scenario you both experienced. Talking about it helps you relive the experience and creates a stronger bond between you both.

Relationship Challenge Day 7.

Throw in some PDA

7 days intimacy challenge Day 7

Some people tend to be skeptical when it comes to PDA( public display of affection) for a whole lot of varying reasons. However, no matter how reserved you are, introducing PDA is an excellent way of adding spontaneity in your relationship. No one is asking you to make out in public.ย  A simple kiss on the cheek or a warm hug would suffice.


Go on a date

7 days intimacy challenge

End it all with a romantic getaway. Choose a location or an activity that resonates with you two. A dinner date is a beautiful way to rekindle the romance. However It doesn’t have to be the traditional dinner date, you can go hiking together, bowling, whatever activity you both enjoy.

In addition to this challenge, these three tips would take your physical intimacy to a whole new level.

3 Tips to Spice and Enhance Intimacy in Marriage

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