How to be Productive this Stay Home Period

A happy compulsory holiday to the world!

Who would have thought the whole world would go on a holiday, and organizations would be helpless about it? I mean your boss can’t even do anything about it, you can sleep from morning till night with nobody asking “Don’t you have to work”? And If you are unemployed, it’s a time when everybody is experiencing your normal life.

Now, that you have all the time to yourself, You know it’s time to fix the things you have been procrastinating.
It looks like the world paused for you to get your acts together.
So, how can you maximize this holiday/break productively

Productivity, how to do more, improve your work

Ways to maximise the break

1. Build relationships with people around:

The recent occurrence has taught us something, only a few things matter in life.

I heard a short story of a boy calling his Father “Uncle” during this lockdown, like nothing bad in the name Uncle, but the problem is the boy calls any grown man that he did not recognize “Uncle” The father fell into that category.

As much as life can get busy, don’t get too busy and neglect your relationships. Especially your family and friends. If ou have been falling short in this regard now is the time to amend that.

You are no longer at work 24/7, you can afford to make long calls, to pick up from where you left the friendship baton.  I am in no way saying you should start calling everybody, but you know there are people in your life that are very important, it’s time to treat them as you should. Relationships cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the most valuable leverages in life.

2. Add Value to yourself

The best time to add value to yourself was before you got a job, the next best time is now! Don’t spend the whole day going from one movie to another on Netflix. Watching movies is relaxing and I recommend it, just don’t spend all your time dog that.

The good thing is most online learning platforms are currently offering free courses. So, no excuses, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Go to ,, (Pluralsight is strictly for tech courses)

You can learn, web development, data analysis, python programming, project management, SEO writing, content and creative writing, Digital Marketing. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile part of adding value to yourself is to read mind enlightening books. I personally have been reading about how the brain works. I’m currently reading ‘Stillness is the key’ by Ryan Holiday. It’s a great book, I recommend it”

3. Plan

This is an opportunity to check your plans and see how to make them work. Write them down again and this time,write down strategies to accomplish them.

Does this sound overwhelming?

Do it this way.

How do I add value to my career?
What am I expecting in the next 5 years
How can I make this happen
What will I do each year to reach this 5-year target?
Break it into months, then weeks, then daily.

It can be simple ;
In the next two years, you want to have a startup company.
Each month I should have completed so and so courses, and take so and so initiatives
Every day I Should do this.

Plan and Plan well.

4. Rest well

You’ve been working all this while, that body needs to rest. As much as you should invest in yourself, you should rest and rest well. Give that body the break it needs. Don’t feel guilty about sleeping! But don’t sleep away the break.

5. Watch movies

Do you have Netflix, No? Why not? Download Netflix, subscribe, your mind needs it.  recommend the series ‘You’ and Money Heist” They both awesome series and you would definitely enjoy it if you are yet to see it.

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  1. Hmmm. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll start with the “mind enlightening books” as you mentioned. Please recommend one

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