Ewa agoyin and bread is not your mate

Ewa Agoyin often shortened to Ewagoyin is a popular street food in Nigeria. The beans is cooked super soft. The agoyin sauce is a spicy barely ground pepper sauce. It is also called Ewa G by guys that know what’s up. It is a meal popular with the Yorubas of South West Nigeria but has since gained wide acceptance and eaten by almost everyone.


If you don’t like ewagoyin I am judging you

You disappoint me


Eating this meal with soft bread is a match made in heaven. You get your bread and you scoop. I said scoop oh banish any and every cutlery.


My reaction when I see some one trying to eat ewa agoyin with cutlery

don't do that here meme


The following are more awesome reasons to love this delicacy.

1. It is delicious.

It really is. The softness of the beans along with the peppery sauce just tastes so good.

Straight up delicious

2. It fills you up

When you want to fuel up and need food that would carry you for a long time think ewa agoyin. Everybody cannot be preaching diet, I am a foodie, I am a eater, I am a member of the chop life gang.
Pair it with bread and sing hallelujah.


3. It is nutritious

Beans is a source of good protein and awesome for your health. Beans contain several vital nutrients, including folate.

Folate is essential for overall health, to make healthy red blood cells, and help prevent neural tube defects in a fetus during pregnancy.

NB Please know where you get your beans from to prevent spending the whole day in the toilet. Or worse still killing your crush or village people with farts.

I love you and don’t want that to happen to you and  that’s why I am recommending Breadish Yaba for you.

Stay safe from food poisoning and corona while satisfying your cravings by ordering right from your home.



I really love Nigerian street food, finger food matter of fact I love food. My love for food almost got me in trouble in Moscow. Read about it.


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